Reflections of Light by Maria Vesanen

About the blog

Reflections of Light is about alternative lifestyles and people on their mission with smaller or bigger intentions to contribute. It’s a collection of stories about people from different parts of the world and reflections of the writer who wants to find the ingredients for authentic and purposeful living. It’s a space for exploration, inspiration, and authenticity and serves as a documentation platform for a book project.

About Maria

A human being who’s curious about the ingredients of a good and purposeful life. Passionate about spiritual growth, writing, and authentic living. Learning beginner’s mindset, solopreneur life, and surfing.

A communications consultant who is testing alternative lifestyles and searching for the recipe for living authentically. Passport from Finland, basecamp in Stockholm. During the wintertime, often chasing waves in Latin America. Is wondering, if a home is just a state of mind?

Picture by Jesus Silva