Exploring alternative lifestyles

Picture by Jesus Silva
Picture by Jesus Silva

What kind of lifestyle would be optimal to live a happy and fulfilling life? What is my mission in life and how can I go towards it? How can we all make a positive impact in the world and do smaller or bigger acts of contribution?

These were the questions I asked myself last year when I made some big changes in my life. After my own reflection and deep introspection, I realized that I wanted to write about these topics. I wanted to learn and understand more about what makes life good and meaningful.

For me the questions about good life revolved around these three topics; lifestyle, mission and contribution. Coming from the corporate background I wanted to explore alternatives; is there an option for the career driven lifestyle? Is there a way we can make a living without running like crazy and loosing connection with ourselves?

Can we actually do something worthwhile and fulfilling without Power Points and Excel-files?

Another topic I was fascinated about was our different missions in life. I wanted to learn how people have found their mission or how they are searching for it. I personally believe that we can have several missions in this life. Some smaller or some bigger. But I know that being on a mission can be extremely powerful. If you’ve met people who are truly on fire about what they are doing, you can feel the contagious, excited energy. I believe this energy has the power to change the world.

The third topic I wanted to explore was contribution. I believe that a service mind-set can bring a true meaning into our lives and create beauty in this world. So, I also wanted to figure out the different ways we can contribute to the world and make a difference. How do people with different lifestyles and missions see their contribution?

In this blog I will be sharing stories about different people and their point of views, while reflecting my own ideas and thoughts about these topics. The people I interview are people I’ve selected due to my personal interest in what they are doing. Not everyone needs to tick all the boxes regarding the three themes that I’m focusing on.

This is a learning process that I want to share with people. We are living turbulent times on the planet and we might have to think of our lives from a different perspective and become creative in how we navigate forward. Learning from others, widening our perspective and finding new ideas can be very rewarding and guide us to places we have never even dreamed of going!

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